*Masks required in facility unless on field or in player box.

*No spectators allowed at this time.


Many of you have asked us when we are going to open up.  We have great news our first day back is currently scheduled for September 25th!  This reopening was determined by three factors:
  • Government Restrictions - we will comply with government regulations regarding safety guidelines, sanitation procedures, and face coverings. 
  • Public Sentiment - as members of the community we care about keeping everyone safe even those that are not patrons of our facility therefore we want to make sure the community feels confident that we are not putting others at risk by opening.
  • Player Sentiment - our mission is to provide a fun, safe, indoor soccer experience for everyone and we want our players to feel that it is safe to resume game play.
In these current times options have seemed like more of a commodity rather than common practice.  We want to put the power of choice back in your hands as we trust that you can make the best decisions for yourselves.  

OUR Commitment to you

  • We will sanitize benches, all door handles, water fountains, and high touch surfaces before and after EVERY game.
  • We will wear masks to ensure the safety of those we interact with.
  • We will conduct temperature checks of all staff and referees before each shift.
  • We will space games out to allow us to properly sanitize the building and prevent overlap of customer traffic (some divisions will get more time than others).
  • We will encourage one-way traffic flow throughout our building.
  • We will offer a variety of touchless services for your convenience such as payments, registration, waivers, etc... 
  • We will offer online streaming of games to allow you to spectate from your car or home (coming soon).

YOUR Choices

  • We will regularly sanitize our drinking fountains however if you wish to bring your own water you are more than welcome and we even suggest labeling it.
  • We will provide bibs and ensure they are thoroughly sanitized prior to games however if you do not wish to use our bibs please make sure you arrive in the exact same color shirt as your team and bring an alternate shirt in case two teams are the same color.
  • If you'd like to sanitize your hands before and after games, we will have strategically placed sanitation stations at our benches and exits/entrances
  • We will handle your player card and check-in for you at the front desk unless you prefer to continue to use your player card yourself.
  • If handling cash isn't your thing our refs will allow you to pay them via Venmo for your convenience.
  • If you'd like to handle all payments in the comfort of your own home or own phone, we can show you how to do that using our online services.
  • We will continue to sanitize our kiosks for signing waivers however if you prefer using your phone or computer we can text or email you the link to sign.
  • We love expressing sportsmanship at the end of games however if you aren't looking forward to making hand to hand contact with others, we encourage you to foot tap, elbow bump, air high five or use verbal praise.
You've all received emails with instructions telling you what to do and how to do it and we hope this is a breath of fresh air that allows you the freedom to pick what you feel is best for YOU!