Winter 1:
November 5th
DEADLINE: Oct 29th Or until we are full!

Winter 2:
JAN 10th - MAR 20th
DEADLINE: JAN 1st Or until we are full!

Coed U6, Coed U8, Boys/Girls U10
Mini Field Youth Leagues
These Leagues Play Saturdays
TEAM FEE: $500
U6- 4 + Goalie (size 4 ball)
U8- 4 + Goalie (size 4 ball)
U10- 3 + Goalie (size 4 ball)

Boys/Girls U11 - U14
Big Field Youth Leagues
These Leagues Play Saturdays and Holidays when kids are out of school

TEAM FEE: $725
U11- 6 + Goalie (size 4 ball)
U12- 6 + Goalie (size 4 ball)
U13- 5 + Goalie (size 5 ball)
U14- 5 + Goalie (size 5 ball)

High School Girls/Boys/Coed
Big Field High School Leagues
HS Plays Mon-Fri 315p-445p

TEAM FEE: $725
High School JV- Freshman or Sophomores
High School Varsity- Junior or Seniors
High School Coed- Freshman thru Seniors

For all Youth Leagues
Big & Mini Field

60 Day Registration = $15
365 Day Registration = $30
This is separate from the team fee