SUMMER YOUTH LEAGUES- Registration is open!

ASC is the best option for teams that had no spring season and want to play games instead of or in combination with summer camps. We offer climate controlled HS boys & girls 6v6 indoor leagues, as well as, U8 3v3, U10-U16 3v3 and 6v6 leagues.

Playing summer indoor will help you best prepare for fall club soccer.
We hope to see you all very soon!



League Dates: June 27th –July 27th


Covid-19 Facility Safety Precautions: We will be cleaning and sanitizing the benches and high touch surfaces before and after EVERY game. Hand sanitizer available at every entrance and exit, main office and fields.  Electronic payment, waiver and team        registration options available. You will have the choice of paying refs via VENMO or with cash. Player card-less check in. Staff will wear face masks and have their temperature checked prior to their shift. Players have the option to wear face masks into the building and to the bench. Pennies are available, but players should bring two jerseys. Players not in the same color will NOT be able to play.

Covid-19 Player Guidelines: Everyone; players & spectators MUST check in at the front desk. After each match players must exit in a timely manner.  The facility is set up to encourage one way traffic flow (refer to facility signage).

***Note: There will be different exits for each field.

Current Government Regulations: Organized youth or adult recreational leagues in groups of 25 or less, excluding coaches and referees. Parents are permitted for youth camps/sports ( We are allowing no more than 2 parents/guardians per child, any more than that will not be permitted to stay). Spectators must practice current social distancing guidelines.  Limit indoor facilities to up to 25% capacity or 50 people, whichever is fewer, per field.


Team Registration: All team registrations must be done online. To register your team you must first register yourself. . If you have registered teams in previous seasons please use the same email and login used to register your previous teams. The full $400 (6V6) or $200 (3V3) payment is due at time of registration and is Non-Refundable for any reason. The summer season is 6 games.


League Info: 6v6 U12 – HS Boys, Girls & Coed will be played Monday – Sunday (HS Coed 2 girl minimum at all times). Weekday games will start 2pm and end at 10pm. Weekend games can start at 6am and end at 8pm. All 3v3 (U8 – HS) will be played weeknights 3pm-10pm (early to late depending on age). 6v6 is played on the big field with goalies with unlimited roster. (7v7 for U10). 3v3 on the mini field no goalies. 3v3 teams have a roster limit of 8 players. Teams will play a double header and / or have multiple in the same week.

Player Registration Fee: The annual individual registration fee is $25. This $25 fee covers 365 days at all facilities for unlimited leagues and guest appearances during that 365 days. The season fee of $15 covers only one season (60 days).


Game Conflicts:  Please double check the league dates above to ensure your team has no conflicts with the Arapahoe Sports Center league times. One request per team, submitted at the time of registration, will be honored to help prevent game conflicts. Any team not able to make their scheduled game time due to a further conflict will forfeit that game. No exceptions and No make-up Games


Forfeits: if a team forfeits twice for any reason in a season they will be subject to immediate removal from the league and or will not be invited back the following season. In the case of a forfeit that both teams are present for, both teams are required to pay the referee's fees. If only one team shows they are required to pay their team’s ref fee to get credit for the win. Refs are paid/employed by the teams. The Arapahoe Sports Center does not pay the refs in the event of a forfeit or “no show” because they are employed by the individual teams and not the Arapahoe Sports Center.



Referee Fees:  Each team needs cash for the officials’ $12 for 6V6 & 3V3.  This cannot be included in your league fee as they are scheduled independently to the arena. Please try to have exact change. This is due at the beginning of the game.


Check In:  All waivers must be done online prior to the first game & pay player registration fees online! Each player needs an electronic waiver release form signed by a parent or legal guardian. A coach cannot sign waivers. Any player without a waiver cannot play. Please have your player to the arena 30 minutes before the 1st game. We will then take their picture and print their player pass.


Coaches:  All teams must have a coach behind the bench, maximum of 2 coaches. No exceptions. All coaches must be a minimum of 18 years old. Coaches must have a player/coach pass.


Age Group Chart:   U.S. Birth Year & Season Matrix

Summer age divisions will be the same age division the teams were supposed to play in the CYS Spring season. New year age divisions will take effect in the 2020 fall/winter season.