Why play summer indoor soccer?

§  No need for sunscreen

§  Facility is Climate controlled (AC is awesome!)

§  More touches on the ball. The walls keep the ball in play (Individual technical development)

§  Players make more less-complicated decisions during the game! (Tactical development)

§  There is more involved playing time in the game! (More opportunity to solve problems that only the game presents)

§  Better opportunity to play on both sides of the ball! (More exposure to attacking and defending situations)

§  Increased opportunities to score goals! (Pure excitement!)



§  League dates: June 10th- July 21st (NO games will be played on July 4, 2019)


§  Team Registration: All team registrations must be done online. To register your team you must first register yourself. . If you have registered teams in previous seasons please use the same email and login used to register your previous teams. The full $375 (6V6) or $175 (3V3) payment is due at time of registration and is Non-Refundable for any reason. The summer season is 6 games. Registration deadline is June 2, 2019


§  Registering a team: 1. Register yourself.  2. Sign in to our web site. 3. Go to Upcoming Leagues page. 4. Click on the link (located on the far right hand side of the screen) for your preferred division. 5. Fill out all required information, and then submit payment.


  • League info: 6v6 U12 – U14 Boys and Girls will be played Saturday & Sunday. Coed HS 6v6 will be played weeknights at 3:45 & 4:30pm. U10 (7v7) boys and girls will be played weeknights 4:30-6pm. All 3v3 will be played weeknights 4:30pm-10pm (early to late depending on age). 6v6 is played on the big field with goalies with unlimited roster. (7v7 for U10). 6v6 games are 2 twenty minute halves. 3v3 on the mini field no goalies. 3v3 teams have a roster limit of 8 players. 3v3 games are 2 fifteen minute halves. Cleats are allowed on the 6v6 field and on the 3v3 field for ages U6-U10. Cleats are NOT allowed on the 3v3 field.

for ages U12-HS


  • Player Registration Fee: The annual individual registration fee is $25. This $25 fee covers 365 days at all facilities for unlimited leagues and guest appearances during that 365 days starting from the paid date. The single season fee of $15 covers only one team for 1 season (60 days).