Adult League info

  • Registration: Managers/Team captains must first register themselves before they can register a team. Adult registrations can either be done online or in person. If you have registered teams in previous seasons please use the same email and login used to register your previous teams. The Adult team deposit of $100 is due at the time of registration and is non-refundable. A season is 8 games unless otherwise posted on the upcoming leagues page.

  • Registering a team: 1. Register yourself.  2. Sign in to our website. 3. Go to the Upcoming Leagues page. 4. Click on the link (located on the far right-hand side of the screen) for your preferred division. 5. Fill out all required information, then submit payment.

  • Deposits:  a $100 deposit is required for all adult teams with your registration. This deposit goes towards your team's total fee. The remainder of your team's balance must be paid in full before your first game. If a team’s fees are not paid in full before the first game they will be expelled from the league and their deposit forfeited.

  • Referee Fees:  Each team needs $15 cash for the officials This cannot be included in your league fee as they are scheduled independently to the arena. Please have the exact change. This is due at the beginning of the game.

  • Game Conflicts:  One request per team is allowed at the time of registration. Any team not able to make their scheduled game time due to a further conflict will forfeit that game. No exceptions and No make-up Games.

  • Check-in:  All players playing in the adult leagues must be 18 years of age or older. All waivers are done via personal smartphone, tablet, or computer.  Please have your players to the arena 20-30 minutes before the 1st game. Each player must show an ID and have an electronic waiver completed before they will be allowed to play. No ID = No play. We will then take their picture and print player passes.

  • League availability: All teams currently playing in each league have the first right of refusal for spots in the next season. If a league is full, spots for new teams are created by existing teams dropping out of that particular league.

  • Forfeits: if a team forfeits twice for any reason in a season they will be subject to immediate removal from the league and or will not be invited back the following season. In the case of a forfeit, both teams are required to pay the referee's fees. If only one team shows they are required to pay their team ref fee to get credit for the win. Refs are paid/employed by the teams. Let's Play does not pay the refs in the event of a forfeit because they are employed by the individual teams not Let’s Play. 

  • League fees: You can find your league fee on the upcoming leagues page. No payments are accepted after game 3. In the first game of the season, your team needs to be paid off. If the league fee is not paid, you will unfortunately not be able to play and the game will be a forfeit. If you are not paid off by game 3, your team will be dropped and you will not receive a refund. We can give out team code so players can pay online ahead of time if you would like.

  • Player cards: Every single person on the field or on the bench will need a player card. Even if someone is not playing and just being on the bench, they need a card. Referees will not be allowing players without cards on the bench. Cards can be made out at the front desk. 

  • Waivers: Each player needs an updated waiver. If you have a sub who has not played at the facility recently, please have them come early so we can get them properly set up. If they are late, they are not in the field area until the waiver process is done. This can delay your game.

  • Shin guards: Unlike other facilities in the area, we require shin guards to play. Players who do not have shin guards will be unable to play. We will soon have a stock of guards that players can purchase if they need some. This stock is not immediate so we recommend having your players purchase their own, or bring in extra pairs to share.