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While returning to play is super exciting, the safety of our players remains our top priority. As such, we have created and undertaken a rigorous protocol to protect the safety for all players, coaches, referees, and staff.

This season you will notice a few things during game day, including the following safety measures:
1) We have increased the disinfecting of the facility before and after all activities
2) ALL spectators, players, and coaches MUST wear a face mask when they come into the facility. For spectators, masks must stay on during the entirity of the time that you are in the facility. Players are able to take masks off once in the box and the game has begun, and must replace mask once game has finished and while leaving or spectating.
3) Sidelines and "hangout" areas have been modified- all teams and players are encouraged to arrive no earlier then 15 minutes before game and leave quickly.
4) All customers must enter and exit through the correct doors: entrance is under the awning and far doors are the exits.
5) Staff, parents, and players are asked to stay home if they, or anyone in their family is sick or have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for Covid within 14 days of practice/game days. 
6) Captains: please encourage your players to wear their team color and/OR bring a light and dark shirt & bring their own water bottle.
7) Practice safe hygiene! Guidelines here:

At SWIS we value parity and camaraderie between our players. If you are unsure of what division or league to sign your team up in, please call the facility or shoot us an email.

When registering as an individual or a team, please be aware of the parity rules we have:

1) Teams may not add players after the sixth game for championship games. Championship games are games in which one or multiple teams are in the run for first place.
2) Players may only play two divisions down from the highest division they currently play in.
- For example, if you play in Men’s 1, you may only play in M1,2, and 3.
In the event of a three division league, players may only play down one division from the highest they play in.
- For example: coed 2 players may play in 2/3 but not 4.
3) Players may only play on one team per division.
4) Teams are allowed to be champions of a division twice before being required to move up a division.

These rules are season specific and reset each season. Any exceptions to the parity rules will be decided at managements discretion. If you may think you are a highly skilled player, please refrain from playing in the recreational leagues. We value each players time at our facility and are diligently working towards becoming the best indoor facility in Houston. If you have any questions, please email us at