Come play at the most awesome indoor facility in Houston! We love to see new faces in the facility, so call us at 281-564-7947

At SWIS we value parity and camaraderie between our players. If you are unsure of what division or league to sign your team up in, please call the facility or shoot us an email.

When registering as an individual or a team, please be aware of the parity rules we have:

1) Teams may not add players after the sixth game for championship games. Championship games are games in which one or multiple teams are in the run for first place.
2) Players may only play two divisions down from the highest division they currently play in.
- For example, if you play in Men’s 1, you may only play in M1,2, and 3.
In the event of a three division league, players may only play down one division from the highest they play in.
- For example: coed 2 players may play in 2/3 but not 4.
3) Players may only play on one team per division.

These rules are season-specific and reset each season. Any exceptions to the parity rules will be decided at management's discretion. If you think you are a highly skilled player, please refrain from playing in the recreational leagues. We value each player's time at our facility and are diligently working towards becoming the best indoor facility in Houston. If you have any questions, please email us at