The following leagues are forming!

If you aren't sure which league to register your team in, please call the facility at 517-394-5425. We can help you to find the right league for your team's skill level and schedule. You must be logged in to register a team.


Registration: Managers/Coaches you must first register yourself before you can register a team (ALL ADULTS ARE CONSIDERED PLAYERS IN OUR SYSTEM). Individual registrations must be done online. Team registration can be done online, over the phone or in person. If you have registered teams in previous seasons please use the same email and login used to register your previous teams. A team deposit is due at time of registration and is Non-Refundable for any reason. A season is 8 games (unless otherwise noted). 

Registering a team: 1. Register yourself.  2. Sign in to our web site. 3. Go to “My Home Page” click the green “Register Team” button.  4. Fill out all required information, and submit. 

Player Registration Fee:  The annual player registration payment (APR) is $20. This $20 fee covers a player for 365 days of game play at all facilities. 

Referee Fees:  Each team needs $15 cash for the officials. This cannot be included in your league fee as they are scheduled independently to the arena. Please have exact change. This is due at the beginning of the game directly to the referee.

Youth Instructional: Begins June 13th
Adult Spring Season:  Begins June 12th

Division Name Register Deadline Team Fee Ref Fee Game Length Games Action
Coed 1 June 09 $600.00 $15.00 50 6
Coed 2 June 09 $600.00 $15.00 50 6
Coed 3 June 09 $600.00 $15.00 50 6
Coed 4 June 09 $600.00 $15.00 50 6
Coed Over 27 A June 09 $600.00 $15.00 50 6
Coed Over 27 B June 09 $600.00 $15.00 50 6
Instructional A June 09 $90.00 $15.00 40 6
Mens A June 09 $600.00 $15.00 50 6
Womens Over 27 A June 09 $600.00 $15.00 50 6