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Basic Youth Information:


Managers/Coaches you must first register yourself before you can register a team. All registrations must be done online. If you have registered teams in previous seasons please use the same email and login used to register your previous teams. The full team payment is due at time of registration. A season is 8 matches. Field time and space is limited so all spots are first come first serve.


Coaches must have a player/coach pass to coach. All coaches must be a minimum of 18 years of age. All teams must have a coach behind the bench, maximum of 2 coaches.


Team rosters are helpful to receive upfront in order to verify DOB of your players. PEASE NOTE: All players will need to fill out our online waiver and new players will need to show ID prior to the first game.

Player Registration Fee:

The annual individual registration fee is $35. This $35 fee covers 365 days at all facilities for unlimited leagues and guest appearances during that 365 days ($20 seasonal fee will cover that current season, which is good for 60 days).

Check in:

To avoid lines, waivers should be done online previous to your team’s first scheduled match. Each player needs an electronic waiver release form signed by a parent or legal guardian. A coach cannot sign waivers. Any player without a waiver cannot play. Please have your player to the arena 30 minutes before the 1st match. We will then take their picture.

Referee Fees:

Each team pays $10 cash for the mini-field. Big field teams pay $12 cash per match to the officials. This is due at the beginning of the match, and cannot be included in your league fee as they are scheduled independently to the arena. Please have exact change.

Game Conflicts:

Please check the dates listed below each league to ensure your team has no conflicts with the Colorado Springs Sports Center league times. If your team does have a conflict it must be submitted at the time of registration. Any team not able to make their scheduled game time due to a further conflict will forfeit that game. Reschedules or make-up games will be determined by the manager on an emergency basis only.


Schedule requests are considered, but not guaranteed. Games could be played during the day on Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day, and President's Day. Your team could play a double header and/or have two matches in the same week.


If a team forfeits twice for any reason in a season they will be subject to immediate removal from the league and/or will not be invited back the following season. In the case of a forfeit and both teams are present, both teams are required to pay the referee's fees. If only one team shows they are required to pay their team’s ref fee in order to use the field for a scrimmage/game. Refs are paid/employed by the teams.

6v6 League - Big Field info:

U10 - High School

Start Date: January 7th, 2023

Games played primarily on weekends, using weekdays when applicable.

Games played weekends 7:15am - 9:00pm, and weekdays 3:45pm-6:00pm

Matches are (2) twenty minute halves.

All teams will play 6v6 on the big field with goalies.

Cleats are allowed. Shin guards are mandatory. Every player on the team must wear the same color.

Rosters are unlimited for 6v6

4v4 League - Mini Field info:

U6 - U8

Start Date: January 7th, 2023

Games played weekends 12:00pm - 7:00pm

Matches are (2) twenty minute halves.

All teams will play 4v4 on the mini field with no goalies.

Cleats are allowed on the 4v4 field. Shin guards are mandatory. Every player on their teams must wear the same color.

Rosters are unlimited for 4v4


Age Group Chart: